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J-Peak - Japanese for Liberal Arts at the Universtity of Tokyo - Intermediate Level - (audio inclus)

EAN : 9784789018050

ISBN : 978-4-7890-1805-0 // ISBN : 9784789018050
Date de parution : 2022
Editeur : The Japan Times
Nombre de pages : 176+54
Langue : japonais, anglais
Pays d'origine : Japon

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Description fournie par l'éditeur en anglais :

Volume 1 in a new series of intermediate to advanced level textbooks developed by the University of Tokyo

A textbook for those who have completed the beginner level, intended to build the capacity to think logically and convey opinions in Japanese.

Features of This Book

1. Selection of topics to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of learners

The spread of topics in each unit is balanced among the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, based on the concept of liberal arts education, to ensure that topics will be of interest to learners regardless of their own areas of study.
2. Unit structure devised to promote academic Japanese

Learners will deepen their understanding of topics and activate their knowledge and thinking skills through versatile reading and listening activities. They will develop their ability to think analytically and critically, and to express logical opinions, aiming to achieve true academic Japanese.

3. Smooth transition to Intermediate level through text and questions based on the latest research findings

All new reading comprehension texts and listening comprehension scripts, with standards set for vocabulary and kanji characters to enable learners to tackle these after completing the beginner level. Questions incorporate strategy research findings to support active input.

Content and Structure

1. Basic structure of each unit

Main text:
Intensive Reading → Speed Reading → Listening*

Speaking Activity (Presentation/Debate/Discussion)

Writing Activity (Report/Opinions/Article/Proposal)

Supplement (with English translations): Vocabulary lists and Building Sentences section

*Audio recordings are available for all of this. Answers to questions and Listening section scripts are available for download in PDF format.

2. List of topics

Unit 1 食べ物・飲み物の歴史 The History of Food and Drink [History]
Unit 2 田舎に住むか、都会に住むか Urban Life vs. Rural Life [Geography]
Unit 3 大学生活の過ごし方 How Students Spend Their College Days [Sociology]
Unit 4 日本各地の魅力 Attractions All Around Japan [Anthropology]
Unit 5 新しい技術の影響 Impacts of Technological Development [Applied Science]
Unit 6 「やる気」について On "Motivation" [Psychology]
Unit 7 図書館の将来 The Future of Libraries [Library Studies]
Unit 8 生き物を守ろう Let's Protect the Animals [Biology]

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