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Academic Japanese for International Students - University Lecture Study through Videos

EAN : 9784883197897

ISBN : 978-4-88319-789-7 // ISBN : 9784883197897
Date de parution : 2020
Editeur : 3A Corporation
Nombre de pages : 113 (Livre principal) + 68 (Solutions des exercices)
Langue : japonais
Pays d'origine : Japon

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Description de l'éditeur : 

This is a follow-up text to the advanced volume of the Academic Japanese for International Students Listening Comprehension series of books.

This teaching material fosters the ability to understand university lectures through practicing listening to them and taking notes on their content, and thereby coming to comprehend what they are about.

Each chapter’s lecture video is about 20 minutes long, and has been made to give the learner practical experience of watching an actual lecture given by a university lecturer to international students. A wide variety of themes and areas are covered in the humanities and science fields including Japanese language studies, literature, Japanese language education, the history of thought, cross-cultural understanding, history, mathematics, physics, and biology.

List of the lectures
Chapter 1: The Pillow Book
Chapter 2: The Traveling Salesperson Problem
Chapter 3: The Word “Omou” – “Omou” and “Omotteiru”
Chapter 4: Why Did the Behavior of “Not Producing Young” Evolve? Evolution of the Social Nature of Bees
Chapter 5: Foreign Child Students and Japanese Education
Chapter 6: The Quantum World – Strange Duality –
Chapter 7: The Myth of Japan as “a Small Country with a Large Population”
Chapter 8: Deciphering Culture – From the study of Hofstede’s Uncertainty Avoidance
Chapter 9: Changes in Japanese Eating Habits Viewed from the Food Self-Sufficiency Ratio
Chapter 10: “Cultural Rights” – The Cinderella of Human Rights

Structure of each chapter
●Introduction of the lecture and lecturer
The lecture’s field and content is introduced.

●A: Before listening to the lecture:
Think about the warm-up questions.

●B: Listen to the lecture
Look at the provided material, then takes notes while listening to the lecture (about 20 minutes).

●C: Questions confirming the content
Confirm whether you understand the content of the lecture.

●D: Supplementary study
Think about and investigate the theme more.

●Message from the lecturer
References and advice from the lecturer to the learner are provided to deepen the learner’s studies.

As an introduction to university lectures, this book can be used by a variety of learners, regardless of their Japanese language school or university.

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