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Nihongo Daijobu! - Elementary Japanese Through Practical Tasks - Book 1 - CD Inclus

EAN : 9784789015899

ISBN : 978-4-7890-1589-9 // ISBN : 9784789015899
Date de parution : 2019
Editeur : The Japan Times
Nombre de pages : 161 (Livre principal) + 46 (Livre de hiragana et katakana) + 70 (Livre de grammaire)
Langue : japonais, anglais
Pays d'origine : Japon

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Description de l'éditeur: 

This task-centered textbook helps beginning learners master fundamental communication skills through a practical, step-by-step approach.
Every unit progressively builds up communication skills by taking learners through tasks that challenge them to practically apply their skills in diverse activities. In contrast with lessons that focus on rote memorization of sentence patterns, Nihongo Daijobu! introduces learners to essential constructions in a flexible, intuitive way, helping them to acquire the power to communicate in basic Japanese in a short time. This book responds to the needs of learners who have struggled with putting classroom Japanese to use in the real world.
Book 1 is aimed at enabling learners to gain reasonable fluency for everyday situations and a firm command of basic grammar (nominal, adjectival and verbal sentences). 
・Hiragana and katakana drills are provided at the end of the book. 
・The accompanying supplement includes sets of expressions categorized by situation, and a list of basic vocabulary.
・Comes with a CD-ROM containing approximately three hours of audio material (MP3).
Learning goals:
・Be able to adequately communicate in various everyday situations using skills already acquired.
・Be able to describe aspects of everyday life to a reasonable extent.
・Understand basic grammar (nominal, adjectival and verbal sentences). 
No. of words studied: Approx. 500. The expressions and vocabulary provided in the supplement are highly relevant to learners’ everyday needs.
Estimated classroom time: 24 hours
Text is written in hiragana and katakana, all with romanized readings.

Table des matières :

Unit 1 Dōzo yoroshiku  (Nice to meet you)
Unit 2 Nan desu ka  (What is this?)
Unit 3 Nan-ji desu ka  (What time is it?)
Unit 4 Kaimono  (Shopping strategies)
Unit 5 Okinawa ni ikimasu  (I am going to Okinawa)
Unit 6 Denwa  (Using telephone strategies)
Unit 7 Itadakimasu  (Thank you for the meal)
Unit 8 Saikō no nichi-yōbi  (My perfect Sunday)
Unit 9 Sore, ii desu ne!  (That's nice!)
Unit 10 Dō deshita ka  (How was it?)
Unit 11 Yasumitai-n-desu ga . . .  (Calling in sick)
Unit 12 Watashi no sodatta machi  (My hometown)

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